Corporate Massage

Massage Associates LLC Corporate Chair Massage Program

Did you know that massage therapy can improve the morale and efficiency of your employees?

We are Massage Associates, LLC and would like to offer you these wonderful benefits! We are Nebraska licensed, nationally certified and members of the American Massage Therapy Association. As members of the BBB since 2000, our mission is to provide pain relief and relaxation.

Chair massage is the most conducive form of massage for the work environment and provides an affordable and convenient reward because the client remains fully clothed and the therapist comes to YOU!

An executive chair massage can last from 5-20 minutes in length. Many larger corporations integrate massage into their wellness programs to promote a healthy lifestyle for their staff as an employee paid benefit or individually paid benefit.

Advantages of Chair Massage in the Workplace…
  • A chair massage revitalizes employees in only 15 minutes leaving them physically relaxed and mentally alert.
  • The highly choreographed massage form allows for maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.
  • The results of a chair massage are immediate and guaranteed.
  • The massage is done with the client in a seated position and thus requires little space.
  • The massage is done through clothing making it convenient and psychologically comfortable for employees.
  • The special massage chair fully supports the employee in a comfortable position while exposing their neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and scalp for the massage.
  • As a wellness program, chair massage requires little motivation on the part of employees resulting in high utilization. Unlike other wellness modalities there is nothing to practice, learn or accomplish. In fact, the less the client does, the more effective the work.
  • Besides not requiring motivation, chair massage actually gives people motivation to improve their health life-style as their minds become re-acquainted with their bodies.
  • A chair massage program demonstrates the employer’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of employees.
  • Chair massage is affordable to companies and/or employees.

There are many benefits of chair massage including relaxation of muscles, relief of pain, and decreases blood pressure just to name a few. “Studies show that if employees are healthy, they’ll use less health insurance benefits and be more productive (Massage Therapy Journal, Spring 2004).” By including chair massage in your work environment you can show employees that you value them and care about their well being.

Massage Associates LLC, has a working relationship with companies including Valmont Industries, Lutheran Family Services, WELCOM, and Total Wellness Health, and we would like to include your company on that list. Our company is proud to offer high quality expertise, service, commitment and compassion to each person we serve. We would like to offer an afternoon devoted to your staff to come to your place of work and provide executive chair massage.

Please contact us at 402-934-1390.  We look forward to working with you and your company in the future! Please call with any questions.

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